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San Diego Tree Trimmers

 Getting your trees trimmed on a yearly or bi-yearly basis is an important way to maintain the aesthetics and health of your trees.  The following are before and after pictures of an Ocean Beach tree job.  The trees were thinned out, which allows increased air flow and light penetration through the tree.


before + after


before + after Untitled-2

before + after San Diego Tree Trimmers

 LC Tree Services specializes in tree trimming, tree removals, stump grinding, and all your tree service needs.  We have a team of highly skilled tree trimmers.  Owner, Larry Coalson, is an ISA Certified Arborist, which means that you get proven knowledge, skill, and experience in the tree care industry.

LC Tree Service is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau and fully insured with Worker’s Comp and Liability Insurance.  We are available for both residential and commercial tree service jobs.

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El Cajon Tree Service

El Cajon Tree Trimmer

In the middle of the East County summer heat, the LC Tree Service crew did a multiple tree job in El Cajon, San Diego This job consisted of a pine removal, and several tree trimmings on the property.  The tree removal on this job performed due to the tree’s roots lifting and cracking the property’s concrete.  When planning out your landscape design, or deciding on where to plant a new tree, remember…location, location location.

A young tree may seem innocent enough, and it can be hard to visualize how massive it may grow because it takes many many years for trees to grow large enough to cause damage.  But trees do grow, and some trees will get huge!   If trees are planted too close to concrete or your foundation, a mature tree’s roots will lift and crack the concrete.  As they grow they can actually move a large section of your house or garage slowly over time.  Roots are search the ground for water and minerals, and they will go where necessary.    To the unsuspecting homeowner it may seem sudden, but it actually took years to damage the property.  Trees like the ficus and carrot-wood are most notorious for doing this.  They have large root systems that grow above ground and can cause serious damage.

There is no guarantee that tree roots will cause damage, but there is always a potential.  We have seen little trees push up sidewalks several inches and huge trees planted right next to a house do no damage at all.  So it really is anybody’s guess on whether or not there will be any damage.  All we can do is know what the natural inclination of the roots are and advise according to that information.

If you bring a small cute office plant home because you think it will look nice by your front door.  Remember that that little tree may have the potential to be an 80-ft high ficus tree.  It happens more then you think.  So save yourself some money and know the type of tree you are planting next to your house.  If its a large tree, plant it at least 20-ft from any concrete or structure.  It also helps to have the tree trimmed regularly so any problems that do arise are caught early on before any real damage occurs.

We are always willing to make a visit for free to advise you on what to do.


Larry carefully removing limbs before slicing down the trunk of the tree.aIMG_2673 aIMG_2679

The boys watching at a safe distance.


Chipping the wood.aIMG_2709 

LC Tree Service Inc. is a San Diego tree service company. We’re ready to serve you for all your tree trimming needs.


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When choosing a tree service company, trust is important. LC Tree Service Inc. is an Accredited BBB Member, ISA Member, and covered by Worker's Comp and Liability Insurance. This, along with the expertise of our crew, helps provide you with excellent, worry-free service. Please be sure to check our many reviews!


Our focus is quality service! It is important, not only that the job get done, but that you are happy, your newly trimmed trees/shrubs are healthy, and your property remains aesthically pleasing to the eye.


At LC Tree Service Inc., we care about our clients and care that they are happy with the final product. We are also a company that cares about people worldwide, which is why we are actively involved in helping those in need.