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Are your trees in need for a trim?  LC Tree Service specializes in tree trimming services, also referred to as tree pruning.  To maintain your trees’ charm, health, and safety, we recommend having your trees trimmed on a regular schedule for every 1-2 years, depending on the tree species.  You can talk to one of our tree specialists to help you determine the frequency.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is tree pruning that decreases the height and spread of a tree.  Our skilled tree trimmers can properly cut back the appropriate limbs to achieve the proper shape, all while maintaining the sustenance of the remaining limbs and overall health of your tree.

Crown Thinnning

Crown thinning is a procedure that involves selectively pruning tree limbs in order to increase light penetration and improve overall structure.  Regular thinning is recommended for the health and safety of the tree, as it allows for more light penetration and greater air flow through the tree’s foliage, which in turn helps make a tree less susceptible to breaking or falling during heavy winds.

Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting involves removing the lower branches of a tree to provide clearance underneath for a variety of reasons including pedestrians, fences, buildings, etc.


Tree pollarding is a specialty procedure that involves severely pruning the head of the tree the first year followed by sprout removal each year afterwards or every few years to maintain a modest size for large tree species.  Pollarding is not effective for every tree species and should be performed by a knowledgeable tree professional.

Palm Trimming

Palms are a common sight in Southern California.  They are beautiful plants that need frequent maintenance — some palm species more than others.  To maintain the appearance of your palm and to avoid a messy appearance, it is recommended to have dead fronds and seed pods trimmed off on an annual basis.

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